Clinical Training Workshop (Recording)
Still Aware

Clinical Training Workshop (Recording)

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Still Aware’s Clinical Training Workshops provides support for clinicians and their women through a care model which is delivered with sensitivity and clarity. This recording, which was recorded during a recent live workshop session, aims to help clinicians prevent anxiety whilst being protective to baby inutero, and shares what is effective to help prevent stillbirth. Your educator is Still Aware Founder and CEO Claire Foord.

*Recordings are distributed via an expirable link and are valid for a 7-day window only. Recordings will be sent within 2-3 business days via email.



Key Topics Covered

  • A baby’s movements inutero 
  • An expectant mother’s sleeping position 
  • Intuitive pregnancy 
  • Action-based communication 

Workshop outcomes:

  • Maternity care providers role in detecting and managing currently known risk factors for stillbirth
  • Understand stillbirth and the impact it has on the community at large 
  • Know how best to communicate with expectant families to keep their baby safe inutero
  • Understand how monitoring fetal movements is a form of fetal surveillance
  • How, why and when it’s important to talk to women about stillbirth
  • Know what sort of change in fetal movements warrants investigation
  • Name warning signs of the mother and baby at risk